Milestone #3

I’m excited to ring in Milestone #3 with a few characters over my goal at 124 characters instead of the goal of 115.

I’ve been using my textbook Easy Chinese Mandarin Level 1. It’s been so cool to see how much learning radicals has laid such a beautiful foundation for my Chinese studies. This challenge has been fantastic for getting me on track with my learning.

I’ve reset my final goal to 200 characters, which means I’ll be learning 76 new words. The trouble is, I’m starting back to University on the 16th of June, and I’m a little worried about my Chinese after that point. I should be able to maintain my learning to the end of the goal, but what happens after this learning challenge is over? I’ll have to set a new set of goals, and pray that I can remain faithful with my learning!

When you see me next I should be moving along nicely. I’ll be sure to check back in, in a few weeks to make sure I don’t lose ground.

Until then,

keep your head up



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