Keep Moving Forward

Here we are at Milestone #2! I’m excited to have made it this far into the challenge, even though I didn’t make my goal once again. I was only 9 words short of my goal of 62 bringing me to a lovely number of 53 words. I really can’t believe I’ve come this far.

New goals:

Milestone #3 ( May 31st): 115

End of Challenge (June 30th): 165

What did I learn this time around? Learning hard things is completely possible. Being intentional in my learning, setting a goal, and sticking with it is really all it takes. I’m certainly not suddenly a genius or a learning expert, but the expansive abilities of our brains is amazing.

I’m so grateful to God in the midst of this journey for how He created my brain, so full of potential, yet imperative that I have a hand in reaching that potential. I love that. God created us with such specific and fine tuned detail, but in the end I still have the choice. Am I going to learn, and expand, and experience depth in my life? Or will I stagnate and wither and die… My choice. I’m choosing to keep moving forward. What are you going to do with your brain? Take some time to learn something today.





2 thoughts on “Keep Moving Forward

  1. How lovely to link God’s design with our choice to grow! Keep pressing on! I am encouraged that you have taken responsibility and indeed have grown in the midst of struggles. 🙂

  2. Cool, huh? My Pastor has been studying Neurology and talks a lot about the inter-relationship between the brain’s ability to be trained positively and our walk with God… 🙂

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