Giant Slayer

Finding out that I can learn more than 2 Chinese words a day is a thrilling concept. Sure, when I look at the other people who are in this Sensible Character Learning Challenge, I can get a little intimidated. When other people are learning 100 Characters in the time it’s taken me to learn around 30, it may not seem like much.

As I was thinking about it,  it’s a little like that old Mickey Mouse cartoon: The Brave Little Tailor where he kills 7 flies and everyone thinks he’s killed 7 giants, so he’s appointed Giant Slayer? Do you remember it? Here it is in case you don’t know what I’m talking about:

So maybe 2-5 characters a day doesn’t make me a giant slayer, or maybe…



2 thoughts on “Giant Slayer

  1. Excellent! If the little Tailor can do it, so can you! Just sew those characters together and soon you will have a story.

    Blessings. Barnabas Paul

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