Get A Focus

Initially when I found the Chinese With Mike website I felt a very specific direction. As his site has gone under construction, I’ve continued to access his videos via youtube. Yet, something strange has happened in the last few weeks. I’ve lost my focus.

I came across this article that helped me realize my problem. I don’t have any goals. Here are some highlights from a couple articles on the subject:

try to be aware of what makes you move forward.

Why are goals so important? Because they can tell you what you have to do and what you don’t have to do

Staying focused even for short periods of time is sometimes incredibly more productive than aimlessly learning words or otherwise studying without a specific goal in mind.

So what’s the solution. According to HackingChinese it’s important to have

  • long term goals: This can include anything from the very difficult to easily attainable and are obviously goals that will be accomplished after some period of time
  • short term goals: as suggested by HackingChinese are-
    • Go through all the sounds in Chinese
    • Read five short texts
    • Write at least ten diary entries
    • Find a language exchange partner
    • Learn the lyrics of five songs
  • micro goals: these are the goals that are normally attained within a short period of time, whether in one learning session or in just a few such as – learn the words for primary colors, read a short text, review the weeks terms, review long term goals etc.

So what are my goals?

Long Term Goals:

  • Be able to hold a conversation with a friend
  • Pray in Chinese (not just by rote)
  • Watch a film in Chinese and understand
  • Read and write in Chinese without Pinyin

Short Term Goals (by the end of December):

  • Complete lessons 20-40 with Chinese with Mike
  • Retain the information from those lessons
  • Learn a minimum of 5 words a day completing a minimum of 150 words by December
  • Say something simple in Chinese to the Chinese couple I see at work all the time

There. That’s better. What are your language goals?


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