Mercy and Thanksgiving

How’s your language learning going? Life always seems to intrude on the things we really love. But, if we really love something, it’s possible to commit the time to it.

Recently, I have been on a search for prayer’s in Chinese. Through the help of some friends I’ve got a couple prayer’s on hand that I would like to learn.

It’s always good to learn a language with song, which I haven’t been doing as much as I would like to be doing. I’ve diverged from that a bit in my hunt for Chinese prayer’s. Here’s one which combines both prayer and song:

我們會食,同心感謝, 一粥一飯,來處不易, 上帝恩賜,同胞汗血, 誠心領受,為人服役。

Together we join for the meal In one heart we give thanks to the food Every rice is not so easy as it looks It is granted from our God’s mercy It is planted by people’s hard work With true heart now we receive the meal Then with strength we continue to serve others

Does anyone know how this song sounds? I’d like to actually sing it, and may try to put the words to an English song. You can translate the Chinese characters to Pinyin here.

I very much enjoyed this prayer. It is entirely based on a heart of thanksgiving and brotherly love. Most importantly it acknowledges the mercy of God under-girding all that we are and do.

As I learn Chinese, this is a beautiful prayer for my heart to learn. In everything I do, learning a language, living my life, it is entirely rooted in the mercy of Jesus Christ. How can I be anything but thankful and willing to love?

Great love


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