Chinese Acquisition 1

It’s not surprising that the first free mandarin resource I’ve found from an Asian country happened to be the country of Taiwan.

This website contains a lot of information for learning Mandarin. I am currently using this, Chinese Acquisition 1; a super cute and interactive resource for learning Mandarin. Some of the games don’t seem to work, and I’m not sure if it’s my browser or a flaw in their program, but overall it is a good supplemental source to Chinese With Mike.

What is this website? These resources are a part of Taiwan Academy which is linked to Hauyu World an e-learning portal that I haven’t quite figured out yet. It seems to be a government initiative to spark interest in learning Mandarin, but I’m not exactly sure.

There are free resources such as Chinese Acquisition 1 as well as ones you have to pay for. Most of the resources seem to be for more advanced learners, and since we’re just linguistic babies, that will have to wait.

Language learning can be so overwhelming. I’m taking it slow and going step by step. Hey, I’m only 4.9 years away from my goal. Where are you in your language journey?


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