Chinese With Mike

In learning Mandarin, you may be thinking a native speaker is the best person to learn from. But, then again, there’s Mike. Finding his website has been the impetus I needed for learning Mandarin. A very American, incredibly silly, English teacher, Mike Laoshi (teacher Mike) starts you with the basics and keeps going for 80 lessons. And no, it won’t cost you a thing. You don’t even have to sign up.

Go here to start learning from Mike.

Chinese with mike

Reasons why Mike is great:

  • Video learning. Who wants to read loads of text when you’re learning a language? Learning in this lecture style helps you to see, hear, and repeat.
  • American Accent. Learning from a native English speaker may seem counterproductive, but when it comes to relating sounds to the English language this really helps. Also, his pronunciation of tones is very pronounced – something your going to need when your just learning to hear the tones
  • Funny. Ok, so sometimes he’s a bit ridiculous, but his light and comical method of teaching makes it easy to sit through the lessons and makes Chinese much more approachable.

Check his site out. I’m loving it.


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